Christians seek refuge from persecution

France has extended asy­lum to Iraqi Chris­t­ian refugees who have fled their ISIS per­se­cu­tion in Iraq.
The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham pre­vi­ously demanded that all Chris­tians in Mosul con­vert to Islam, pay a high tax or die. Thou­sands of Chris­tians fled the region, seek­ing free­dom to prac­tice their faith.
The French For­eign Min­is­ter and Inte­rior Min­is­ter said, “We are pro­vid­ing aid to dis­placed peo­ple flee­ing from the threats of an Islamic State and have sought refuge in Kur­dis­tan. We are ready, if they so desire, to help facil­i­tate asy­lum on our soil.“
The Mus­lims who remain in Mosul are now under strict Sharia rules, includ­ing the manda­tory wear­ing of full veils for women.