Governor Wolf vetoes three more bills

Gov­er­nor Wolf con­tin­ued exer­cis­ing his veto pow­ers in Har­ris­burg yes­ter­day. The gov­er­nor who just a day before vetoed the entire state bud­get, yes­ter­day vetoed three more bills. One of those bills is to pri­va­tize the Pa State Liquor sys­tem with Wolf say­ing that the state can sup­port and bol­ster con­sumer con­ve­nience with­out sell­ing the sys­tem and risk­ing higher prices and fewer selec­tions for con­sumers. Wolf also vetoed a pub­lic schools bill which con­tains a new for­mula to dis­trib­ute state aid to dis­tricts and one that guides how money from the bud­get is spent. He has not decided yet what to do with leg­is­la­tion which would change the state’s pen­sion system.

Hillary Clinton’s emails

The State Depart­ment says it is with­hold­ing some of Hillary Clinton’s emails because they’re now con­sid­ered clas­si­fied. State Depart­ment spokesman John Kirby said parts of 25 emails from the batch released Tues­day night were redacted because it was later deter­mined they con­tained sen­si­tive infor­ma­tion. Clin­ton has said when she was Sec­re­tary of State she never sent clas­si­fied emails while using a per­sonal email address and her own email server.

Budget impasse

Gov­er­nor Tom Wolf and leg­isla­tive lead­ers have agreed to sit down start­ing Mon­day to dis­cuss bridg­ing a gap in the state bud­get impasse. The gov­er­nor refused to sign a Repub­li­can bud­get plan which did not con­tain a tax increase, but was passed in both the repub­li­can con­trolled house and sen­ate. The Gov­er­nor wants to sub­stan­tially increase edu­ca­tion fund­ing and raise taxes includ­ing levy­ing a tax on gas drillers. The Repub­li­can plan does not con­tain a tax increase. Wolf said yes­ter­day that though there are obvi­ous dis­agree­ments, he plans on com­ing up with a bud­get that moves Penn­syl­va­nia forward.

Worst of the Worst

After threat­en­ing to do so, Northum­ber­land County offi­cials say they will stick up their first two bill­boards today of the worst of the worst. The bill­boards will depict 4 per­sons who have con­tin­u­ally not paid on their fines and court costs in the county and owe thou­sands of dol­lars. The bill­boards will go up in the Shamokin and Mt. Carmel areas and offi­cials say they will keep them up until the four per­sons are brought to jus­tice. They say bill­boards with other offend­ers could go up in the future there in Northum­ber­land County as well.

The Donald faces backlash

Don­ald Trump is fol­low­ing through on his threat to sue Uni­vi­sion. The Trump orga­ni­za­tion has filed a 500 million-dollar law­suit against the Spanish-language TV net­work over its deci­sion not to broad­cast the Miss USA pageant. Uni­vi­sion said last week it would drop the pageant broad­cast over com­ments Trump made about Mex­i­can immi­grants who are cross­ing the bor­der. Mean­while, Macy’s is pulling Don­ald Trump brand mer­chan­dise from its stores after his con­tro­ver­sial remarks cre­ated a pub­lic uproar. In a state­ment out this morn­ing, Macy’s said the com­pany “stands for diver­sity” and that it had no tol­er­ance for discrimination.

Jersey Shore tax increase

It’s a tax hike for prop­erty own­ers in the Jer­sey Shore School Dis­trict. The School Board voted 7–0 last night to approve a bud­get of a lit­tle over $39 mil­lion dol­lars for the upcom­ing school year, and despite the fact that the dis­trict will save money by elim­i­nat­ing two teacher posi­tions, as well as cut­ting into some ben­e­fits, the district’s tech­nol­ogy equip­ment bud­get and basic edu­ca­tion fund­ing, a tax increase of a lit­tle over 2.6% will occur. Prop­erty own­ers in Lycoming County who are part of the dis­trict will see their tax rates go up about $1.64 for every $100 of assessed value of property.

Probation and Restitution for Northumerland man

Its four years of pro­ba­tion as well as pay­ing back resti­tu­tion for a for­mer man­ager at a Sun­bury Auto Deal­er­ship accused of steal­ing from his employer. An inves­ti­ga­tion got under­way back in Jan­u­ary against Steven Kre­mer of Northum­ber­land who worked at Sun­bury Motors Lincoln/Hyundai deal­er­ship and who is accused of keep­ing deposits for vehi­cles and vehi­cle sale funds over at least a three year period there. It’s believed that Kre­mer stole around $28,000 dol­lars over that time. While serv­ing pro­ba­tion he has also been ordered to make $500 monthly pay­ments to the com­pany in order to pay back the money he stole.

Donald Trump faces the heat

NBC ended its rela­tion­ship with GOP pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Don­ald Trump Mon­day, because of com­ments he made about Mex­i­can immi­grants when he announced his cam­paign. Mex­i­can media giant Tele­visa also says it will no longer broad­cast the Miss Uni­verse Pageant or engage in any other projects with Trump. Nearly 700,000 peo­ple have signed a peti­tion call­ing on Macy’s to fire Don­ald Trump.

State Budget woes

With just two days left until the dead­line to have a state bud­get in place, the bat­tle lines have been drawn in Har­ris­burg, and the spend­ing plan may end up being late. The Repub­li­can con­trolled house passed its own spend­ing plan of $30 bil­lion dol­lars over the week­end. The plan does not con­tain a tax increase, and though repub­li­can lead­ers say it con­tains more money for edu­ca­tion, the Gov­er­nor and democ­rats say it’s not enough. The gov­er­nor who had threat­ened a veto of the plan also wants to raise taxes in Penn­syl­va­nia. The plan is expected to go to the state sen­ate today for their consideration.

Millenials and baby boomers

Mil­lenials are push­ing past Baby Boomers to become the biggest gen­er­a­tional group in the U.S. New infor­ma­tion from the Cen­sus Bureau shows that peo­ple born between 1982 and 2000 now make up one-quarter of America’s pop­u­la­tion. The 83-million mil­lenials now out­num­ber the so-called baby boomers, who num­ber around 75-million people.